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No matter what type of business you are in a web site is an excellent way to communicate with potential customers and to manage business transactions. There ar many different levels of web sites and each business's needs are different. Some businesses require a simple electronic brochure which is available via search engines while others require an Online Business Solution.

Things to consider before publishing your web site

  What do you want to achieve via the internet
  Do you want people to contact you - if so make it easy
  How will you manage enquiries received?
                  Do you want to publish privileged information - if so is it secure?
                  Do you need online shopping?
                  Do you need to send out regular newsletters?
                  Do you want to be able to update your content?
                  Do you  want to use the web site as a sales management tool?
                  Do you want to be able to take bookings?
                  Do you want a flexible system for making announcements?

If you have answered yes to the functional options above you are not in need of a web site but an online business solution.

We'd lik to invite you to try it now free for 30 days

The BayView Group Team have developed many websites those listed below are samples of our simple websites:

Mezzanine Floors Australia
AR Business Agents
Sydney Pallet Racking
GNT Painting
Duggan Mather Surveyors
Wanderers Retreat