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When it comes to getting to the heart of matters, consumers really do care. A strong cause related marketing program can mean the difference between getting a customer or not.

There are a myriad of charitable organisations out there and the best way for business to tap into consumers hearts is to get behind a specific charity with strong support.

Consider if there is a charity which it is easy for your business to align with for example a pet related business may choose the RSPCA or the World Wildlife fund. A childrens business may choose a childhood charity like Camp Quality or The Children's Hospital. You may choose based on the personal experience of a loved one or staff member. 

The team at BayView Group are able to assist businesses to identify, approach a suitable charity and devise a cause related marketing program which works to the mutual benefit of all concerned. 

To find out more about buyer behaviour and cause related marketing download our It's All For A Good Cause Flier.


Its all for a good cause Its all for a good cause (310 KB)

To start working towards tapping into the hearts and souls of your customers contact us today.

The BayView Online Shop has special programs for charities which can raise funds for their good causes.